Education Fact Sheets

Consumers are interested in credit scores and how to manage their credit wisely to secure a strong financial future. They want to know more! Use the content of My Score Pro’s™ Education Fact Sheet section to become the resource in your community for credit education. This is also great material to print and provide copies to your referral partners, with your photo and contact information.  Ask them to hand out these fact sheets to their customers with a recommendation to contact you directly.

Immediate Downloads Available to Subscribers Include: 

  • Fact Sheet: Contacting The Credit Bureaus
  • Fact Sheet: 15 Reasons Why Your Score Is Low
  • Fact Sheet: Credit Reporting & The 7-Year Rule
  • Fact Sheet: How To Avoid Credit Repair Scams
  • Fact Sheet: How To Maintain Strong Credit
  • Fact Sheet: Inside Your Credit Report
  • Fact Sheet: Learn The Facts About Credit Inquiries
  • Fact Sheet: Pulling Your Credit Reports & Scores
  • Fact Sheet: Repairing Your Own Credit
  • Fact Sheet: Validation of Debt
  • Fact Sheet: What Goes Into Your FICO Score?
  • Fact Sheet: Your Rights Regarding Debt Collectors