Audio Files

The audio section of My Score Pro™ includes interviews from Linda Ferrari, author of The Big Score – Getting It & Keeping It.  Linda is a nationally known credit expert, who appears regularly on radio stations coast-to-coast, informing consumers about credit scores and other important issues. 

As a subscriber to My Score Pro™, you will have access to Linda’s library of audio files. Simply download the file you want to share with your client or referral resource and burn it onto a CD or email it.  They will thankful for the information. 

Immediate Downloads Available to Subscribers Include:

  • Linda Ferrari on Real Estate Guys Radio Show Talking About the Credit Crisis
  • Linda Ferrari on BizFit Radio Talking About How Credit Is Being Affected by the Reaction of Credit Card Companies to the Economic Crisis
  • Linda Ferrari, The Credit Score Expert, Talks About Identity Theft on Talking Dollars & Making Sense
  • Linda Ferrari, The Credit Score Expert on the Basics of Credit Scoring