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Linda Ferrari’s Book – The Big ScoreBigScoreCover

Linda’s new book, THE BIG SCORE: Getting It and Keeping It, Buying Power For Life blows the lid off of the mysterious abyss known as the credit score industry. It reveals the secrets to achieve and maintain strong credit scores restoring financial hope at a time when hope seems so far away.   Only $24.95 plus shipping.  (Click Here for Quantity Discounts)


Your Own Credit Blog – $995.00 (Demo Here)


In this Web 2.0 age, your clients expect you to have the up to the minute information they need to make the best possible decisions.  And Social Media is the most efficient way to get that information to them. For those subscribers who do not have a blog site set up, but who would like to become active in social media, for a one time fee of $995.00 not only will you have immediate access to over 100 pieces of Social-Media-Ready content, in addition, My Score Pro will develop a customized, content loaded Credit Blog for you that you can license.  Click here to see a demo now.  And then your monthly subscription payment of $39.95 ensures immediate access to new articles and credit content that is posted monthly and quarterly on the My Score Pro site, PLUS, MyScorePro will automatically feed two items from your monthly ongoing content to your blog to ensure that your content is fresh, new and keeping you out there in the social media market.   Click here to see a full list of what you get with My Score Pro’s Blog Subscription .

 (Note:  Your Credit Blog will be hosted on My Score Pro’s Server and we will supply you with a unique URL to use.  You don’t have to worry about registering a domain name, or signing up for a hosting plan to support your blog.  If at anytime you decide to cancel your subscription to My Score Pro, no worries, you can take the blog with you, and we will be happy to transfer your blog (without content) to the server of your choice for a one-time transfer fee.  However, your license to the My Score Pro content is for as long as you are a subscriber to My Score Pro only.  If you cancel your subscription, your license to use the content under any circumstances expires.)



customwebinarCustom Webinar with Linda Ferrari – $695.00

Now you can create a custom webinar on the Basics of Credit for your site with Linda Ferrari.  We provide the power point and a script that you will use to insure a professional interview with one of the nation’s leading credit experts.  You can sell the webinar on your site, or you can give it to your clients, prospects and referral partners for free!  Once you purchase this product, you will receive an email with instructions on how to set up your custom webinar with Linda Ferrari.