We give you all the materials you need to deliver relevant presentations about credit education, protection, improvement and maintenance!

This section of My Score Pro™ gives you complete presentation packages that target consumers and referral resources. Everything you need to become the authority on credit issues in your area. We include PowerPoint presentations and all the handouts you need to make your presentation a success. 

Coordinate lunchtime seminars for businesses in your area! This is a great way to build your referral business and bring in new prospects!

When you become a subscriber, you receive access to the following two Presentation Packages ready to go, and you will receive a new presentation package quarterly. 

Immediate Downloads Available to Subscribers Include:

  • Credit Scores – Understanding the Basics:  Here’s what your audience will take from this presentation:

-Basics of Credit Scoring
-Where Their Scores Rate and How Much Low Scores Can Cost
-An understanding of each factor that makes up their credit scores
-The Do’s & Don’ts in each factor
-The Top Credit Myths
-Several Tips on how to improve credit scores immediately

  • Identity Theft & Your Credit:  Here’s what your audience will take from this presentation:

-Real Statistics on Identity Theft
-An understanding of how Identity Theft Happens
-Tips on How to Avoid Becoming a Victim
-Tips on What to Do If you do become a victim
-Tips on how to Recover from Identity Theft