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For a one time fee of $995.00 not only will you have immediate access to over 100 pieces of Social-Media-Ready content including all of the items listed in the Start Up Package below.  In addition, My Score Pro will develop a customized, content-loaded Credit Blog for you.  Click here to see a demo now.  Then your monthly subscription payment of $39.95 ensures immediate access to new articles and credit content that is posted monthly and quarterly, hosting and blog technical maintenance – PLUS, MyScorePro will automatically post two items to your credit blog from your monthly ongoing content.  This will ensure that your content is fresh, new and keeping you out there in the social media market. 

Start Up Package Elements

You Get

12 Quick Credit Tips
12 Education Fact Sheets
2 E-Reports
2 Power Point Presentations
2 Custom Campaigns
40 Dispute Template Letters
4 How To Topics
Audio Files
Access to Credit Resources
Access to Linda Ferrari’s E-Learning Section
Access to Personal Credit Coach
Access to TOP Credit News
Access to My Score Pro Social Media Tools (Get Your Own Credit Blog)


Your monthly subscription payment of $49.95 ensures immediate access to the following new credit content and services:

Ongoing Membership Features


New Monthly Newsletter/Article
New Featured Articles On Current Credit Issues
New Monthly Tips & Fact Sheets
New E-Reports (every quarter)
New Power Point Presentations (every quarter)
New How To Topics (every quarter)
Auto Posting Of 2 Articles To Your Blog p/mo
Hosting of the Credit Blog
Blog Technical Maintenance


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