Linda Ferrari’s The Big Score

BigScoreCoverLinda Ferrari’s Book, THE BIG SCORE: Getting It and Keeping It, Buying Power For Life blows the lid off of the mysterious abyss known as the credit score industry. It reveals the secrets to achieve and maintain strong credit scores restoring financial hope at a time when hope seems so far away.

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Here’s what readers have said:  

” I can’t even exaggerate how EXCELLENT this book is.  It is a masterpiece and I really mean that.  There is nothing else like it on the market and you wrote it so well.  I love the tone that comes across when reading it too.  It is laid out in a very logical and methodical order and is also easy reading.  It should be a #1 Best Seller in this current environment where so many people need to understand and repair their credit.  The subject is SO relevant right now that it should be on every major network morning show (Today, Good Morning America) - especially Oprah. Congratulations Linda.”

“As an educated woman with an established career, I always thought that I was pretty savvy when it came to my finances, and to my credit score. How wrong I was. The Big Score – Getting It & Keeping It – Buying Power for Life blew me away.”

“The information contained in Ms. Ferrari’s book is information that every person should know. The book is filled with valuable information about how to check your credit score and improve it, what your legal rights are, detailed facts that the credit bureaus won’t tell you, and easy to use sample letters and documents.”

“The Big Score is a book that you cannot afford NOT to read.”

“As the CEO of a Keller Williams franchise with nearly 200 Realtor’s this is a must have by any Realtor, home buyer, or anyone with a credit card. A subject that you would consider drone comes alive with Ms. Ferrari’s writing style. She thoroughly explains the entire matrix of the credit score industry in a way that any reader will fully comprehend. This will be on the top of my list of books to give out this holiday season.”

“While I train loan officers and real estate agents, I gave this book to my daughter, friends and family to read. They were amazed that not only does credit scoring affect the interest rate offers you get on mortgages and credit cards, it also affects your auto and home insurance premiums too.”

“There are many so-called credit repair companies and credit repair guru’s (even Suze Orman’s advice is wrong) out there, but this is the first book (and I’ve seen tons of them) to have all the tips on how to increase your credit scores–all in one place.”

“The Big Score is an amazing book! This is a Must Read for anyone who needs to improve their credit scores or more importantly understand their credit scores.”

“Knowing about how our scores work and how it affects our everyday purchases is something every consumer needs to know.”