Dispute Letters

This section of My Score Pro™ provides template letters that your clients can use to take action and start cleaning up credit issues.

Remember, people with better credit scores WILL get the lower interest rates on their loans. If you see minor infractions on the credit reports that are relatively easy to clean up, download the appropriate template letter your client needs and give it to them as part of your service. If your client needs additional assistance to overcome credit challenges, refer them to CRC for professional consultation.

Immediate Downloads Available to Subscribers Include: 

Credit Bureau Contacts

  • Credit Bureau Addresses & Phone Numbers – Credit Bureaus change their contact information often.
  • Opt-Out – Use this template provides contact information to request the consumer to be removed from marketing lists.

Dispute Letters to Credit Bureaus

Following is a list of 30 of the most common dispute reasons. If any of these apply to the information being reported on the credit report, you should consider the item negative and dispute it. Click on the reason to access the template letter.

  • This account does not belong to me
  • I was not 30, 60, 90 or 120 days late on this account
  • This is a duplicate account
  • I never authorized this account
  • The balance on this account is incorrect
  • There is no past due balance on this account
  • You are not reporting a positive account on my credit report
  • This account is closed/open
  • This account was closed by me, not the creditor
  • You are not reporting the correct limit on my account. (Letter to Credit Bureau)
  • You are not reporting the correct limit on my account. (Letter to Creditor)
  • This account was included in a bankruptcy and should have a $0 balance
  • This collection/charge-off was paid
  • I am an authorized user on this account. Please remove it.
  • You are reporting my home equity line of credit as a revolving account
  • You are reporting a family member’s credit information on my credit report
  • I never authorized this inquiry. (Letter to Credit Bureau)
  • I never authorized this inquiry. (Letter to Creditor)
  • This student loan account is not in collection. It has been deferred/approved for forebearance.
  • This public record is not mine
  • This public record has been satisfied/released/dismissed/vacated
  • This account was charged off in (date). No late pays should be reported after that date.
  • The date of last activity on this account is incorrect
  • This account never went into foreclosure/repossession
  • The 7-year reporting period has expired on this account. (On old history)
  • The 7-year reporting period has expired on this account. (On accounts where the DOL has been renewed because the account was sold to a collection company)
  • The statute of limitations on this account expired. You cannot report it or re-insert it.
  • You are reporting someone elses social security number on my report
  • You are reporting wrong/expired/misspelled addresses on my credit report
  • You are reporting misspelled/wrong names on my credit report
  • You are reporting the wrong birthdate on my credit report
  • 30-Day No Response – Use this letter as a second request for removal of derogatory information.
  • Verification Rebuttal – If the bureau responds to your original dispute stating that they have “verified” an account that you believe to be inaccurate, use this letter to ask them for proof.
  • Request for Free Report following Denial – If you have been denied credit, the credit bureau is required to provide you with a free copy of your credit report.
  • Change of Address – Inconsistent address information can cost you score points. Use this letter to request that the credit bureaus update your address information.

Letters to Third Parties

  • ChexSystems Letter – For use when consumer has been denied a checking account.
  • Validation of Debt Letter
  • Statute has Expired Letter to Collection Company