Brought To You By Linda Ferrari, Author of The Big Score – Getting It & Keeping It

For over 30 years now, people have been forced to manage the most important financial element of their lives – one that directly impacts our nation’s overall economic health, and to do so without any type of education.   Our schools teach us about history, grammar, and science – ALL very important subjects – yet, we were never taught about how to manage our credit.  

This section of My Score Pro™ is packed with crucially important education that you, as a professional and an empowered member of society, should have.  The information in this section will keep you educated and informed and you’ll be able to clearly and fearlessly, help your clients look at their 3-digit credit scores and know that they-not their creditors and not the credit bureaus-hold the key to their financial success and the American dream.

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Immediate Downloads Available to Subscribers Include:  

  • E-Learning: The True Cost of Low Credit Scores
  • E-Learning: The Flaws You Need To Know To Survive
  •  E-Learning: Where Do Credit Reports And Scores Come From & How Many Do I Really Have?
  • E-Learning: Credit Score Basics
  • E-Learning: Statute of Limitations & The 7-Year Reporting Period
  • E-Learning: Your Rights – The Laws You Need to Know
  • And Much More