Dispute Template Letter – Closed Account

NOTE: Use this letter to request that the credit bureaus update an account status from open to closed, or vis-à-vis. It is important to make sure that all accounts are reporting accurate status across all three credit bureaus.  Send whatever proof you have that the account is either open or closed, proof of current address, proof of social security, and remember to send all correspondence via certified mail.


[[Credit Bureau Name]]
[[City, State, Zip]]

Dear [[Credit Bureau Name]]:

Please be advised that you are inaccurately reporting the following account status as [[closed/open]], when the account is in fact [[open/closed]].

Creditor:  [[Creditor Name]]

Account Number:  [[Account #]]

[[Open/Close]] Date: [[Be sure to find out the accurate date from your creditor.]] 

Other:  [[If there is a balance issue on the account, indicate so here (i.e. many times an old closed account will show as open with a balance because the creditor never updated the report.]]

Please update this information as soon as possible to insure that the inaccurate reporting does not impact my credit negatively.

My contact information is provided below and I have included proof of my current address and proof of my social security number for your review.  I will await an updated copy of my credit report to reflect these changes. 

Thanking you in advance.


[[Your Name]]
[[Your Address]]
[[Your SS#]]
[[Your DOB]]