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For those subscribers who do not have a blog site set up, but would like to become active in social media, MyScorePro will develop a customized Credit Blog for you that will basically maintain itself as long as you keep an active subscription to My Score’s Blog Subscription.

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A professional, fully functional, customized WordPress blog site that you can be proud of. Your site can be developed and ready to use within 7 days. How’s that for speed!
No hosting or domain registration required. We host the site and supply you with a URL. You won’t have to worry about all the technical stuff!
Your new blog comes loaded with content:

  • An introduction article that will post when your blog becomes active, and that you can send out to your database encouraging them to sign up to automatically receive anything you post on your new blog (no more email hassles)
  • 12 articles set up to post monthly. You choose which date each month to publish your blog article.
  • 12 Credit Tips set up to post monthly.  Again, you choose which date each month to publish your credit tip. 
  • E-Learning Section covering the following topics: How To Dispute With The Credit Bureaus; 10-Step Action Plan To Strong Credit; Debt Relief – Make An Educated Decision; and How To Handle Collections Strategically!
  • Credit Resources Section including: How To Pull Your Credit Report; Consumer Credit Protection; Statute of Limitations By State; Tips on Adding Credit, and MUCH MUCH MORE
Your blog comes with 21 Dispute Template Letters that your blog visitors can download at anytime.
Through your subscription to MyScorePro, you will have access to new content all the time that you can send to your blog by a simple click of a button.
Your blog will come with an email subscription system powered by Feedburner so that your clients, referral partners and prospects can sign up to receive an automated email every time new content is posted.
If you make sure that every one of your contacts subscribes to your blog, you won’t have to worry about email programs any longer.
You will be able to track how many subscribers you have, and also track how many visitors you get to your site.
Your blog will come with a Social Media Sharing plugin that will allow your blog visitors to share your posts with the rest of the world via LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Email and more.
Your blog can be set up to automatically send links to new posts to your LinkedIn account.
You will have the choice of whether or not to allow comments from your blog visitors. If you have time to respond to comments, this is a great way to interact with your blog visitors. However, it’s not a necessary element to blogging. As long as the content is of value, your visitors will be satisfied.

After you have orderd and paid for your credit blog, you will recieve an email with instructions on how to complete the setup of your new blog.

(Note:  Your Credit Blog will be hosted on My Score Pro’s Server and we will supply you with a unique URL to use.  You don’t have to worry about registering a domain name, or signing up for a hosting plan to support your new blog.  If at anytime you decide to cancel your subscription to My Score Pro, no worries, you can take the blog with you, and we will be happy to transfer your blog to the server of your choice for a one-time transfer fee.  However, your license to the My Score Pro content is for as long as you are a subscriber to My Score Pro only.  If you cancel your subscription, your license to use the content under any circumstances expires.)