About MSP

My Score Pro™ was created by Linda Ferrari, author of The Big Score – Getting It & Keeping It , a nationwide leader in the area of credit improvement and education.  Linda has spent years examining thousands of credit challenged cases and has helped thousands of families understand, improve and restore their credit reports and gain previously unavailable financial opportunities. Now she is making everything she’s learned over the years available to you for a monthly subscription to MyScorePro™!

A subscription to MyScorePro™ enables you to license, for your use only, all of the invaluable content on the site. Your contacts will be impressed with your diligence, your access to important information and they will be grateful to you for sending them the kind of information that will help them attain a more secure financial future.

Here’s a sneak preview of some of the information on MyScorePro™ that you can immediately share with your clients, referral partners and prospects, and even more exciting, your blog, and your social media accounts including twitter, linked in, facebook, diggit, and much, much more: 

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